Fabric sueding machine
Dry sued ing or wet sued ing can be selected as required.....more
Gas singeing machine
Before the cloth centers for singeing, there are 4 brushing roller devices installed.....more
Tricot Lycra, Knitting Fabric Shrinking Machine
Firm, all-in-one washing tanks and padding units are easily installed and operated.....more
Sanforizing machine
Spraying steam plus steaming vapor makes steam get into cloth fully.....more
Scutching, Slitting machine
Ahead and behind the machine a padder can be additionally installed to reduce the cloth's moisture.....more
Cylinder dryer
Adopting the drying cylinder support column integrally cast shaking, strong and stable.....more
Continuous de-starching washing machine
Simple piping, convenient operation space, and integrated design.....more
Wince washing machine

All-in-one design stainless steel washing tank, durable and reliable.....more

Cylinder dryer for zipper
Frame of machine is chanel 5"
Plaiter type: 2 sets.....more