Firm, all-in-one washing tanks and padding units are easily installed and operated.


With precise air-cylinder-synchronozing-control, it minimizes the tension of fabric.


Feeding expanding roller expands the fabric so as to reduce the crease and avoid the curls on the edge upon entering the vibro roller.


The expanding roller, located in front of the padding unit, ensures the flatness of fabric upon entering the padding unit.


With the bigger curvature of large mesh roller, the fabric tension is reduced for bigger area stretching. Furthermore, the mesh roller coordinates with the powerful cleaning spray gun in achieving much satisfactory cleaning performance.


With special design, the stainless padding roller and rubber padding roller work well to have the best pressing performance.


With the automatic heating system, the temperature can be easily set as required.


The external heating system works with the circulating water pump so the machine has fabulous heating performance and the temperature in each tank is similar. The external heating system is not only easy for maintenance and operation but also minimizes the noise and vibration, caused by direct steam heating.


The strong current is accompanied by the operation of vibro roller to wash over the fabric for cleaning. Moreover, the flowing current make the temperature keep the same.


The automatic cleaning & filtering system make the clean procedure easily and efficiently.


With smart water-saving design, the machine only needs one inlet and one outlet. The water in each tank will be circulated by the powerful water pump.


Equipped with the upper cover to minimize the vapor leakage and facilitate maintenance.


Automatic control is adopted by user-friendly interface and PLC.


Dosing tank is equipped with PH controller, which regulates the time of automatic agent mixing and suspension by the PH value in the tank.


With the aid of detector, each guiding roller driven by an individual motor will properly adjust the speed of entire roll of fabric, as well as appropriately control the shrinking ratio of the fabric in each tank.


Two types of fabric releasing units, padding-roller and S-roller are available.