Combined Beaterless Scutcher
After the tension adjuster, the entering fabric of usual singeing machines is to spread by an electronic fabric guider. Because of its poor functioning, the fabric even deviates, or it wrinkle together and can not be spread out.Therefore, it is necessary to make frequent-correction manually; not only a kind of waste on man power, but also dangerous for operator(due to fast fabric speed) .
Our gas singeing machine adopts a combined beaterless scutcher with the functions of expanding fabric as well as the center rectification's control by using infrared to control with full automation; it can fully save man power and ensure the flushing of fabric.
Brusher before singeing
Before the cloth centers for singeing, there are 4 brushing roller devices installed, which can loosen the fluff closely adhering to the cloth to ensure that the woolen fluff can be burnt more thoroughly.
Brusher after singeing
After singeing the cloth, there are 2 brushing roller devices, which can brush away the black spots sticking on the cloth and make the cloth surface clean for better effect when dyed later.
Cooling device before getting cloth out
After singeing, the high temperature cloth must be cooled. This machine has 2 sets of big cooling cylinder with f 570m/m, which can have cloth cooled exactly to facilitate the operation of collecting cloth later.
Singeing cooling roller of Teflon coating
Matching with burner let cloth burn wool smoothly through roller surface. As the 2 sets of rollers are Teflon coated, the surface has lubricating action to make cloth pass smoothly the flame of burn and make the situation of singeing keep good. Roller itself has cooling device which can ensure that roller has longer life.

Special design of burner
Compare with the traditional burner, our 2 sets of burner are made by many pieces of stainless-steel-plates lapped mutually; however, the traditional one is fixed with fire-proof-bricks. As to the fire-proof-bricks, seams between them or cracks caused by overheating will result in uneven singeing, incurring horizontal lines and make it uneasy to have colors dyed. On the other hand, there are only 2 rows of flame spray openings for traditional burners, the blocking of any hole between 2 rows will not singeing completely on the cloth surface, if any, which will do bad influence on the quality of dyeing the cloth.
The burner of this machine has been designed in a special way, the fire-proof-brick is no longer being necessary due to its great fixing design. Instead of the defect mentioned, our burner is formed with 4 rows crossly, even though some flame spray nozzles are blocked, it still can ensure the completion of singeing the cloth. The diagram is as follows:


Features of singeing device

(1) Full-automatic ignition system
The gas ignition of this machine's spray nozzle adopts a fully-automatic ignition system with high efficiency and safety.
(2) Safe alarming system
After igniting fire nozzle, it can detect automatically whether ignited or not; if any set of fire nozzle is not ignited, it will alarm to ensure safety. The alarming time can be setup by turning a button on the machine, an alarming action will be operated in few seconds to minutes.
(3) Automatic control of singeing
Our special design has 2 sets of singeing burners; each of them is equipped with one fire nozzle. As the pictures shown, the fire nozzles stay at ready position before the singeing procedure is not activated. After igniting, when the roller's speed is over the R.P.M. setting, through the action of cylinder, the nozzles will turn to burning-position automatically.