Function: Desizing, desizing, after-washing, bleaching.
Suitable for: The filament and staple such as Cotton, PET, Nylon, T/N, T/R
Fabric width: 1830mm~2600mm
Operational speed: 30~100m/min
Component: Washing tank, vibrating tank or O-type relaxing unit。
optional units: Centering machine、Cylinder dryer、Vacuum extrator。

Simple piping, convenient operation space, and integrated design that holds a nice look and first-class function of this machine.

2. The desizing machine has equipped with 7 tanks of automatic filtering system, water-suction device, and cylinder dyer.
3. Automatic chemical auxiliaries feeding system.
4. Automatic cleaning & filtering system.
5. Versatile electric box with HMI controller:
(1) Easy touch screen: temperature and speed setting of each tank.
(2) For easier fabric feeding: Tanks can be operated individually or all together.
(3) Synchronizing device: Tension between tank to tank can be compensated by dancing roller or other device (like German EL load cell)
(4) Setting:  chemical auxiliaries feeding system.
(5) Setting: automatic filtering system, including water pump, filter sieve motor, etc.
(6) Safety: Automatic shut-down design for abnormal condition. End user can realize where the problem is by the alarm history shown on HMI.